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Ian Landy: Formative Assessment

In our weekly EDCI 336 class I had the opportunity to video chat with Ian Landy the Principal from Edgehill Elementary School in Powell River. During the hour long video conference, Ian discussed formative assessment and what that looked like to him. I found the conversation to be very eye-opening in the way I think about assessment in general for a couple reasons. The main point being that report cards don’t show the full outcomes of student learning. For me personally, growing up with report cards and that type of assessment was the norm, and it was phenomenal to see it done a different way completely. The idea of E-Portfolios that Ian pitched and explained how it works in a practical setting made so much sense, and changed the way I look at formative assessment. Now, what are E-Portfolios one might ask? E-Portfolios are a type of assessment to create a better understanding of where certain grades are coming from, and the justification which is proved by adding student work, sort of like a showcase all in one place. The other focus of the conference call was how student engagement increased after implementing E-Portfolios because it reflected progress in student development, as well as the final product. I love how E-Portfolios focus on the individual learner instead of the class as a whole. After this video conference I am at ease knowing that there are educators like Ian Landy that are pushing everyday to create a better method for assessment.

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Training Begins!

The first week of training I wanted to focus strictly on teaching both of them how to sit. Beau and Theodore are seven months old and know sort of how to sit, but they still aren’t 100% sure what I mean when I give the command, so that was my focus. I started with Theodore because he is very food motivated, so with some good treats in hand I got started. It became apparent that he was a fast learner, and before I knew it he had mastered sit (with a little help from some treats!) Next was Beau, and I knew this was going to be more challenging because he is a very timid pup. Beau learning sit took probably double the time it took Theodore, but I didn’t give up and stuck with it. At the end of the week I realized they now both knew the command and the basic skill of mastering “sit” had now been complete!

Here is a picture of Theodore & Beau sitting.