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Getting Outside : Snow Walk

This past week it was snow, snow, and more snow! I didn’t let that stop me from getting outside, with a couple extra layers it was a great time. The pups were confused on what snow was at first, but after they got past that stage we could really focus on walking. The week before I prepared by buying each of them winter coats, and harness to help stop them from pulling. It defiantly was an improvement from just a collar, but they still had work to do. Since we were snowed in for a couple days my mom joined me on our walks, so it gave me the opportunity to work one-on-one with the pups separately. I started with Beau this time because he seemed to be getting the hang of it, and Theodore was still getting over the excitement of being outside with all the people and other dogs. I switched off with my mom and worked with Theodore, but it was challenging since he still wanted to pull me ahead, I’m going to have to find a different strategy that will work for him. I plan to work with both of them more, and give an update in a month, because this will be an ongoing skill to develop with each of them.

Getting out enjoying the snow & practicing on leach skills!

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