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Blog #6 SET BC

Special Education Technology-BC

While I was researching about Assistive technology, I found this site called SET-BC. SET-BC works in partnership with BC school districts where both groups work collaboratively provides services surrounding assistive technology and students who need the aid of assistive technology. The website not only gives more information about assistive technology but provides resources and information about sevices that are accessible and stories about how assistive technology is used in a classroom.

SET-BC provides a lot of sources to learn more about assistive technology. On this website they have Self Directed online courses that allow for you to learn from online through videos and modules through a self-pace system. I went through a course about the basics of assistive technology. The course introduces types of technology and how they are used in a classroom and how they support students. There are modules that contained videos and worksheets that asked questions that allowed for reflection about the technology. The modules walked you through how to look for signs of students who might need more aid and how assistive tech can be used in a classroom. One module that stood out to me was the second one where they linked a variety of youtube videos called “Assistive Technology in Action” These were short videos where students talked about the technology they use and how it had helped them. Some things used was Pulse Live Pen, computers that were speech to text, and communication boards/ computers.

The course also provides a general plan to implement assistive technology if needed. Each module has an activity and extra resources to further your learning. This self-guided course only introduces AT but this website is a good source where you can learn more and read stories about how AT has aided so many students in a classroom and see new technology emerging to help students.

Tori Chen

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