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Blog #7 Assistive Technology Products

There are many ways that technology can aid a student in their learning. Things like apps or technology based products that help a student achieve their greatest learning potential.

Communication is very important in learning and in everyday life. There are apps that can help people communicate through text- speech apps. like Proloquo2Go. This is an app that provides an alternative way of communication where there are symbols to speech. This app is available for all ages (beginning to advanced communicators). An app like this can help a student who has more difficulty communicating. The app not only has symbols to speak, but also helps users learn how to communicate due to the app having a variety of levels for different learners. technology is everywhere so something as simple as an app can help many people due to it being accessible on a popular platform like IOS. Although you still have to pay for the app, it still amazes me how AT is everywhere and can be something as small as a text to speech app to help many users communicate.

On Youtube, there is a video called “Assistive Technology in Action,” this video introduces a boy that uses a Livescribe Smartpen. This is another resource that can help students with note taking in class. The smart pen records the teacher while the student takes notes during the class. With this pen, the words written correlate with what the pen is recording so When a previous word is clicked on, the pen would repeat back to what was recorded at the time the note was taken. A product like this can be very beneficial to many students because everyone processes information at a different pace so an object like this allows for a student to not only take their own notes and process the information, but give them the ability to go back to see if they missed any information. A smartpen still allows for a student to use their own abilities and feel in control with what they are learning where they are working a long side the class when the teacher is talking but are able to work at their own pace too because the student does not have to worry about not getting everything because they have the pen to help them.

These are just two examples of Assistive Technology products that aide students in their learning. These products are two simple things that help students communicate/learn information makes a big difference to their learning.

Tori Chen