Reflecting on our Lesson Plan

Going into the dry run of teaching a lesson plan in front of the class it was overwhelming at first, but it turned out to be such a learning experience. There was eight of us in a group which made it difficult to split up roles, but it really gave me a good sense of how to collaborate with a big group of my peers creating a music lesson plan. We decided to take the “Rain Chant” and break it down to rhythm and beat. I found it beneficial to work with rhythm and beat because it made me more comfortable with it moving forward. During the lesson it was difficult to co-teach with seven other people, so I hope with our next lesson plan moving forward it won’t be so crowded. With that being said, I still leant so much from building the lesson plan, and the feedback form my peers. It was great to also see my peers step up and build other resources for us all to use and share in the future. I am excited to begin to work on our next lesson plan, and hopefully during practicum I have the opportunity to put these resources to work. 


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