Reflection on the Semester

This reflection is depicting how these last couple of months have gone taking EDCI 306A, and my takeaways from the course. I really enjoyed learning and growing with each and every class thus far. I believe that my greatest professional strength as an educator who will teach music is having the capacity to understand how challenging different aspects of music are, and how everyone learns at different rates. This is something with music, I relate to because I remember in elementary school struggling to understand how each note flowed together when everyone else got it right away. I can use this strength to support my students and create a safe space for each individual to learn and grow. I believe that this is imperative for any educator to be successful, and make a good connection with their students. When I think about myself as a future educator teaching music, I can see myself really enjoying watching my students grow and progress with each lesson, and giving them the tools moving forward to be successful. With that being said, I am also looking forward to teaching the basics of rhythm and beat because I think it is a crucial part of learning music. My greatest area of growth during the year this course has been advancing my piano skills. I enjoyed diving deep into my previous knowledge of the piano and picking it back up again. I am still working toward my final progress report, and working toward perfecting ‘Drops of Jupiter’. Overall, I found this course very insightful and now I have the knowledge to move forward feeling more comfortable teaching music in an elementary school classroom.

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Last Class of EDCI 336

In the last class of this semester in EDCI 336 we started by finishing the last of the tech presentations, which included place-based education, coding, podcasts, GarageBand, and FreshGrade. I found all of these presentations very informative and helped me dive deeper into topics I was already curious about, and I found it was worthwhile. The presentation I found most interesting was FreshGrade because assessment is something that has peaked my interest throughout this course. It was something I want to look into in the future because it is something that is being reconsidered in the education system now. Even after working with coding during the presentation, I still have many questions. The one takeaway is that the basics of coding are much more simple than I originally thought. Overall, each of the presentations I thoroughly enjoyed, and I’m really impressed with my peers. The presentations took up most of the block because we had five different showcases. After the presentations wrapped up we went straight into a brief overview of augmented reality. I never thought of augmented reality as a teaching tool, but after watching a quick video of how it can be used as a learning tool in chemistry it became clear. The remainder of class was a brief discussing about HP reveal, QR codes, and an app Skitch. HP reveal is an app that you can create an ora to a number of words or objects that can be linked to different websites for further information. I had previous knowledge on QR codes, but I never thought of them in an educational sense. It was fascinating to hear about different ways to use them as a teacher: bulletin boards, worksheets, and professional development connections. QR codes are very assessable and help direct someone to a deeper understanding of the topic. Lastly we touched on Skitch, and it is an app used to blur faces for privacy reasons, and it seems very useful going forward. I had a blast coming into every lesson this semester knowing that I was slowly growing so much in my own tech abilities. I am going to miss this course, but I will try to keep up on technology myself.