Feedback for Ariana Kelly’s Blog Post #1

Hi Ariana! I love how you begin your blog post with sharing a bit about your teaching philosophy, and how being flexible as an educator is always needed to meet the needs of all of your students. Since we are in the 21st century, technology is a huge part of learning and building on prior knowledge, and teachers need to be equip to lay the scaffolding down for their students to grow alongside you as a teacher. You also touched on how powerful it is when students are interested and engaged in their learning journey, there really is something to say when students take ownership of their own learning. I am curious to see how technology would fit into a primary classroom as well, even though I am sure some students will probably know more than us in regards to technology! I really liked how you explained how easy it is for an educator to embrace technology in a classroom, and taking different methods into the everyday norm. I found this blog post to be very insightful, and it helped me reflect on my teaching philosophy. It also allowed me to become more open to the idea of what technology can be, so thank you for that!

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