Feedback for Maeve Poulin’s Blog Post #1

Hi Maeve! Thank you for sharing all of your thoughts and helping explain multimedia learning for other educators on your blog! At a glance, I loved how your blog was laid out because it was so easy to follow your ideas and explanation of multimedia learning. The breakdown in the beginning was clear, concise, and summed multimedia learning up very well. The use of the cell diagram to help explain what it would be like as a learner, combining multiple ways of learning. I found it a perfect way to use the opportunity to showcase what multimedia looks like in a simple way. It shows educators alike how easy it is to include multimedia learning. I also really enjoyed how you incorporated what multimedia learning looks like in the classroom, and included some of your experiences as well. I have been getting into Sketchnoting recently, and I never made the connection between Sketchnoting and multimedia learning; therefore, I loved making that connection with you! When I read  about how you have used Sketchnoting in the past, it gave me some ideas to of how to use it myself in the future!

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