Peer Review

I had the opportunity to peer review an interactive learning resource on impulsive purchase behaviour which pod 6 created.

I was super excited at the opportunity to review your interactive learning resource on impulsive purchase behaviour. Your resource is very thoughtful, and the attention to detail was great to see, plus it was well laid out! The choice of activities made complete sense, and I loved how each activity built on the previous one. My suggestion would be to keep the first section a little more broad, having the text based resource, but also allowing the learners to explore their provocations of the topic as well. This will enhance the learners engagement, and they will have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and dive further into a resource they found interesting. Including the role play section into the activity list is a great idea and gets everyone moving around, everyone can use a brain break, and this activity will solidify understanding. The exit ticket and the peer review post are both great ideas to help the learners sum up all of their findings, as well as showing their understanding on impulsive purchase behaviour. I liked how you included the subtopics of the learning recourse, but it would be more beneficial if it connected directly with each activity in more detail. Overall, I found the activities chosen connected to your ideas well, and allowed learners to comprehend the topic in depth after working through all four. 

The rationale behind these activities are well thought out, and your explanation makes it easy to follow and see the connections you made. Perhaps you may consider that including constructivism, behaviourism, cognitivism, and inquiry as your rationale for the activities, within a two-hour time period, might be a little confusing and tricky to successfully hit every point. Although you did a great job at explaining these theories, I wasn’t sure about how you made the connection to the activities, more detail might be helpful for the reader. I found the links to articles very insightful, and showed how extensive your research was. 

I believe this topic is useful and totally relevant for this assignment. I loved how you included your connection with consumer purchase behaviour, and how your selected age group has a rationale behind it as well. I think a more detailed explanation as to why your pod decided to select this topic would elevated the learning context section. The learning outcomes look great and connect to your activities well. Based off of the criteria, it seems that you will need to fulfill another learning outcome for the first activity. The assessment plan includes formative and summative assessment within this interactive learning plan, which is great to include! The assessment plan makes it easy for any reader to take this plan and use the resource in the future. It was great to see how you included the instructor and what the learners would be doing as well. 

The selection of English as a second language learners, and loss of hearing are both different kinds of learners you addressed their learning needs very well and in-depth. The use of technology is imperative for the students success, and you did a great job at highlighting that with using google tools. It might be helpful for these students to be paired up with a buddy in the class so that they can work through activities with, or support each other when needed. It was great to also see the consideration of a colour blind student as well as ELL and loss of hearing student. I think this section meets the criteria for this assignment and then some! With this interactive resource, technology plays a huge role in keeping students engaged by using a bunch of tools in order to do that. Pointing out the fact that millennials are the target learner, and how technology is integrated into that was perfect! Using the internet to do research and discover more about the topic is always a good use of time. Using an auditory textbook is beneficial for students who get distracted, or struggle with getting meaning from simply reading the textbook (ELL learners.) Again, using google tools is a great resource that will support all students learning throughout the activities. 

I found this interactive learning resource on impulsive purchase behaviour very informative, and with a few small tweaks it should be in great shape! Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to view and comment on your resource. I learned a bunch along the way, and now I might have to dive into more on this topic. Great work!


Announcing Our Choice!

In our group, we looked at the apps “Flipgrid”, “Google Docs”, “Duolingo” and “Prezi”. After having a discussion on which app we wanted to research deeper, we chose Prezi. Prezi is an app that is not only accessible for teachers to use but also for students of all ages. It allows for a variety of ways to be both presented and created. It’s user friendly and allows for presentations to be 3D and interactive with the addition of pictures, words and videos. 

Although Flipgrid is a great classroom tool, we decided against it because Prezi has more interesting elements that we can focus on. Since the group evaluation of the selected multimedia app assignment makes up such a large component of our final grade, we wanted to ensure that we had enough content to cover for the evaluation. Another application we evaluated was Google Docs. As a whole, Google Docs is appealing because students can connect and collaborate on a platform with the ability for teachers to provide support throughout their learning. Although it’s a great application to use for students to collaborate with peers, it didn’t connect well with the multimedia principles without a set of criteria given by the teacher. For this reason, we chose Prezi because students are able to use this application more in-depth, and as a teacher, the design can connect many more principles than Google Docs.

The third Multimedia application we reviewed was Duolingo. As a whole, this application provides an engaging and interactive opportunity where information has been presented through a gamification method. However, we didn’t choose to spotlight it for our final evaluation of a Multimedia App. This platform is limiting because it’s solely for learning another language. It’s user-friendly but lacks the ability to allow users to interact with each other beyond a score. An educator can review statistics of how their students are doing but they cannot provide descriptive feedback via the application or share additional resources. A successful Multimedia App should touch upon most or all of the principles, however, Duolingo lacks prosperous cooperation of most of Multimedia Learning Principles. Prezi touches on several Multimedia Learning principles. Some of these principles include modality, redundancy, signalling and collaboration. These principles were noted on the first app review blog post but will be explored more in our final detailed review of Prezi next week.