EDCI 339

Response to Ariana Kelly’s Blog Post #1

After reading over Ariana Kelly’s first blog post, I had a few comments and suggestions to add! Prompt: How can teachers effectively build relationships by encouraging safe communication and interactions in K-12 online & open learning spaces? What did you already know, what do you know now based on the course readings and activities, what do you hope to learn?

Thank you for being vulnerable and honest about your concerns and stress regarding safe communication and interactions at this time. I’m sure most, if not all educators feel the same way right now, I know I do! I agree that blogging is such an important way for students to interact in 2020, since they’ve grown up with technology all around them. I loved how you included FIPPA within your discussion about privacy, its so important. It might be helpful to include images of the online platforms you mention (Google applications, WordPress, Slack exc.) to show the reader what the possibilities could be with students. A great use of resources to back up your points, so the reader can follow your points of view with string evidence to back up your claims. Lastly, I know it is challenging to keep the word count to a minimum, but I’d suggest adding in a Sketchnote so that the reader can trace your learning and maximize understanding. I cannot wait to see your learning progress in this course, and to strengthen my own understanding alongside you and Erin Fletcher. Great work Ariana!

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