EDCI 339

Response to Erin Fletcher’s Blog Post #1

After reading over Erin Fletcher’s blog post #1:  How can teachers effectively build relationships by encouraging safe communication and interactions in K-12 online & open learning spaces? What did you already know, what do you know now based on the course readings and activities, what do you hope to learn? I had some reflections, ideas, and suggestions that I would like to share below.

The pressure on teachers has been greater than ever in recent months, and I think you hit the nail on the head with the points you brought up. I love how you mentioned that teachers are creating an inviting, open, and safe environment for all students and people using the space, whoever that may be. Laying the ground work for safe, respectful interactions between students and their peers is so important. The article by Regan & Jesse that you used as a resource for you blog, supports your points well, and also highlights the importance of privacy for students. The idea you suggest for the teacher to be available to students is great! Having times put aside to connect with students out of classroom time is a perfect way to build those connections. It is also a way of saying “I am a safe adult that you can come to” without having to say it at all. Lastly, I love how you included what you hope to learn more about moving forward. There is something invaluable about setting goals for yourself. I look forward to reading your posts throughout this course!

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