EDCI 339

Response to Ariana Kelly’s Blog Post #2

After reading over Ariana Kelly’s blog post #2: How would you describe the historical and theoretical trends in k-12 online and distributed learning? What did you already know, what do you know now based on the course readings and activities, what do you hope to learn? I had some reflections, ideas, and suggestions that I would like to share below.

I love the idea that educators have to stay up to date on the ever changing world around them. How are educators suppose to be able to engage students when they are out of touch with their interests and new technology? The diagram you used to show different learning mediums is very helpful to readers, because it clearly shows and supports the points you made in your blog. Thank you for bringing up the important point about how British Columbia has a different definition for learning spaces than other provinces or territories. Again, with support from the image you included it makes your learning and understanding clear. 

It is important to highlight how open learning practices would be implemented in a classroom, with the support of scaffolding on the teachers part. In your blog, you clearly laid out the steps in order to make this happen, and it is welcomed information for an aspiring teacher like me. Lastly, you touched on the 5 R’s, (reuse, revise, remix, redistribute, and retain) these are critical to know like the back of your hand as a teacher. Without knowledge of the 5 R’s, a teacher could get in trouble for not following the right steps when implementing online tools in their classroom. I believe you did a great job at mentioning this in your blog, and shining a positive light on the step by step process. Another great blog post! Thanks for sharing your valuable insights.

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