EDCI 339

Week 4: Twitter Chat #edci339

In this video I explain why I chose this activity, the connection to the course and outside resources, and what I learned from completing the activity.

I also found this website helpful at depicting professional digital identity. 

Please check out the Twitter Chat here: https://wakelet.com/wake/CQu3tJQW60YzfKD4D_r6S 


elearn Magazine: How important is Twitter in your Personal Learning Network?. (2020). Retrieved 22 July 2020, from https://elearnmag.acm.org/archive.cfm?aid=2379624 

Managing a professional digital identity: A challenge for connected professionals. (2020). Retrieved 22 July 2020, from https://www.linkinglearning.com.au/managing-a-professional-digital-identity-a-challenge-for-connected-professionals/ 

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