EDCI 339

Response to Ariana Kelly’s Blog Post #3

After reading over Ariana Kelly’s blog post #3: How can you ensure equitable access to authentic, meaningful & relevant learning environments for all learners in K-12 open and distributed learning contexts? I had some reflections, ideas, and suggestions that I would like to share below.

In your opening paragraph, I love how you have so many aspirations and I can see how much thought you have already put into what is needed to become a successful teacher in the future. I also have the same concern about not being able to meet the needs of every student I come across, but with support from colleges and building those relationships with students anything is possible! Like you have stated, when a student is interested in the information their level of engagement drastically increases, maybe add a reference to support your point here. It was great how you included the eight design principles, because they are so valuable. It would’ve been helpful to provide an example, or expand on some of the principles to show your understanding a bit more. In terms of the world we live in at the moment, I am also worried about every student receiving equitable access to technology or tools the student needs that will support learning remotely. As you pointed out, having flexible lesson plans is very important, so that changes can be made on the fly, so that all the needs to the students can be met! The two references that you discussed in your blog, are both great resources and show be explored further, keep them in mind for the future! 

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