EDCI 339

Response to Erin Fletcher’s Blog Post #3

After reading over Erin Fletcher’s blog post #3: How can you ensure equitable access to authentic, meaningful & relevant learning environments for all learners in K-12 open and distributed learning contexts? I had some reflections, ideas, and suggestions myself that I would like to share below.

I think it is an important point to raise about making learning meaningful for each student, and how great it is that you are already thinking about it! The heavy questions you posed and decided to tackle are so relevant. I applaud your courage in leaning into them and not shying away from them. I might add some more resources to strengthen some ideas you began to discuss. Also by adding the 2 by 10 framework it is a good suggestion, but maybe you could have a resource to back up that idea. Using the UDL framework to check in on yourself as a teacher is a way to measure how well you are contributing to open and distributed learning. I think I would highlight the fact that it is entirely dependant on the students and their needs, so building relationships with the students is the most important thing. I LOVED how you included a sketchnote, that is such a great way to explain your understanding and show your learning! Lastly, bringing up COVID-19 and how challenging that was for not only teachers, but students to is important to recognize. If you could talk to a teacher in your community about how they dealt with the quick transition from face to face learning to online, I think that would be a welcomed addition! I loved having the opportunity to read over your ideas, and I think your understanding of this topic shines through with your blog. Great work Erin!

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