Feedback for Erin Fletcher’s Blog Post #1

Hi Erin! I really appreciate how you were so honest about your thoughts and feelings toward the course ahead in your blog post. I also thought of multimedia learning as technology based, but it is applicable to many subjects, and tools because everything at one point was technology! I love how you have already had the chance to reflect on your prior knowledge, so you know what you want to build off of moving forward in this course in the weeks to come. Discussing the two approaches to multimedia learning, technology-centered and learner-centered, made it very clear to me what the differences were. I also found that the chart from the reading was a great way to depict the differences between the two, and at a glance it makes it easy for readers to understand. Lastly, touching on using “The Greedy Triangle” as a resource on your practicum, helped engage students alongside supporting their learning through words and pictures is such a strong tool, especially for younger students. I will have to use this book as a resource in the future as well!

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